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SJT Bullion serve its purpose by importing gold bullion and supplying it to traders in the local market that consists of Gold Bullion Wholesalers, Jewellers, Retailers and Investors.

The company has developed immense relationship with the local market and would continue to support local trade. SJT Bullion was the outcome of a significant change in focus of the family business from silver to gold commodities. The company was established in Lucknow, India, which is the heart of the bullion trade in the State of Uttar Pradesh(UP).

The group played an integral part of establishing the Bullion Federation of India, which includes the most prestigious precious metal dealers, refiners, bankers, traders and jewellers from across the country. The Federation works closely with the Indian Government and assists them in regulating the precious metals industry. The members of the group work with the Government to establish fair trade practices in the precious metals industry.

The members of the company also hold positions as “Vice President of Uttar Pradesh Sarrafa Association” and “President of Bullion Federation of India”.

Why should you choose SJT Bullion

SJT Bullion is India’s leading bullion dealer. Our brand of precious metals is always regarded as one of the cornerstone of Indian physical gold trading system.

Our product inventory offers Bullion bars from different refineries all around the world. We also proudly offer our branded Gold bars to our valuable customers.

SJT Bullion serves customers by importing LBMA accredited Gold Bullion from different supplies all around the world. We supply our bars to traders in the National market that consists of Wholesalers, Jewellers, Retailers and Investors.

The Director of the company Mr. Lokesh Kumar Agrawal holds position as “President of Bullion Federation of India” and “Vice-President of Uttar Pradesh Sarrafa Association”.

To find our more about how SJT Bullion can assist to your precious metals requirements, please call us on +91-522-2255368, +91-522-2258121, +91-6394694291, . Our highly experienced and trained staff can offer you assistance with all your aspects of your Precious Metals Investment.

Through our network of dealers, we provide the following services –

  • Gold/ Silver Bullion Sales
  • Gold/ Silver Bullion Buy backs
  • Fully insured Gold / Silver delivery nationwide.
  • Gold bar distributorship to Wholesalers and Retailers.
  • Live Price rate fixing platform
  • Logistics solutions for global delivery.

  • Whether it’s your very first purchase, or you require high-security storage and insurance solutions, our team is always there to assist you throughout your transaction.