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If you are an individual willing to sell your gold, you would need to provide us with one Photo ID. For details. Click here.

Should you wish to know more, please contact us on +91- 9415007737, +91-6394694291, +91- +91-8957339806

Selling precious metal that is in your physical possession
If you have a precious metal in your possession, please bring it to our Lucknow Office whereby our company’s Executive will give you a buy back price (based on the spot price at that time) for your precious metal. For details. Click here.
When you come in to sell us your metal. Once the Purchase Order is raised, we cannot reverse it. Our buyback price is locked in based on the current spot price for gold or silver. SJT Bullion sources the international price for gold and silver from
After raising a purchase order, a contract is entered into and cannot be reversed. Our representative would ask you to sign the form and provide us with your bank account details. Thereafter, our team would transfer the funds directly into your bank account. SJT Bullion cannot make payment to third party accounts, so the bank account name needs to match the name of the person or entity selling the bullion. Funds generally take up to 48 hours to appear in the nominated bank account.
To know more about payment and buy back terms, please click here
An Ounce is an imperial measure and used to gauge the mass of precious metals.
There are 31.10348 grams in a troy ounce, and 32.1507433 troy ounces in 1 Kilogram.