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1. Gold Miners

SJT Bullion provides precious metals trading solutions to gold mining companies. We focus on client satisfaction and believe in building a better business environment. To be able to provide real time payment settlements against the deliveries has enabled us to save time of our clients. We provide solutions to small-scale miners to big mining companies.


2. Gold Dealers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Jewellers

We provide precious metals trading solutions to Gold Dealers. Having been into this business since 1999, we understand the right price when buying gold. We help our clients achieve the best price in the market.


  1.  3. Gold/Silver Bullion Sales

    We sell gold coins and bars to our customers at competitive market rate. Our customers can purchase the commodity either online or walk in at our office in Lucknow. Our customers can also purchase the commodities from our trusted dealers around the country.

  2. 4. Gold/Silver Bullion Buy Backs

    SJT Bullion proudly serveits customers by providing Buy-Back service. Our customer’s can always sell us their precious metals. We buy precious metals that have been bought either from us or from any other trusted company. We ensure that our customers get the best of the value for their gold and silver bullion.

  3. 5. Fully Insured Gold/ Silver Delivery nationwide

    SJT Bullion serveits customers by delivering Gold / Silver bullion around the country at competitive rates with our trusted logistic partners. Our logistics is 100% secured against all losses. After purchasing our customers can be assured that they are fully insured and shall be compensated by our logistics partners in case of any loss of value incurred during the transit.

  4. 6. Gold Bar Distributorship to Wholesalers and Retailers

    SJT Bullion serve wholesalers and retailers by providing distributorship of gold and silver commodities. We value our partners and support them in aspects that can boost their business revenues. We help them in marketing, accounts, market research, operations etc.

  5. 7. Live Price Rate Fixing Platform

    Our websiteshow the prices that are connected with London Metal Exchange and hence provide a live trading platform to our customers. Our Customers can fix their desired rate by either calling us or going online and purchasing our product.

  6. 8. Logistics Solutions for Global Delivery

    We Provide Logistics solutions to our customers all around the world. In case, our customer requires us to export commodities from India, our logistics partners would be happy to do the same.